CASH Campaign of Maryland

The situation.

Historically, Maryland was home to two agencies that promoted economic advancement for low-to-moderate income individuals: CASH Campaign of Maryland and Baltimore CASH Campaign. The CASH acronym stands for Creating Assets, Savings and Hope. Both CASH organizations realized they could offer more effective outreach if they joined forces. So in September 2017 they merged as a unified, stronger CASH Campaign of Maryland.


The objective.

Develop a new brand identity and website to communicate the combined strength of the new CASH Campaign of Maryland to its many audiences: clients who use the agency’s financial support services; volunteers who help deliver those services and financial mentoring, and funders and local policymakers.

The LFG Solution.

Created a new logo which uses fresh, bold typography to capture feelings of new beginnings, growth and hope that CASH offers the people it serves. Designed a new website that makes navigation much easier for the agency’s various audience, as well as showing all of the services on the homepage.

The CASH Academy website, a sister site, is an online platform that offers FREE information, classes and coaching. Also designed with ease of navigation in mind so that users can easily find what information they are looking for. Brand elements from CASH Campaign are integrated throughout to reinforce the relationship between the two entities.