The situation.

Prometric is a leading American test administration company that operates thousands of test sites in 160 countries. In the process of redesigning its website and online presence, a brand audit revealed a significant lack of consistency in the look and feel across all of its marketing communications. The company’s advertising, social media, videos, printed collateral, trade show booths and internal materials lacked any cohesion and integration.

Creative Direction
Print and digital design
Trade show display design
Graphic standards

The objective.

Springboarding from the look, feel and tone of the new website design, create visual and graphic standards for the Prometric brand that would be executed across all marketing communications.

The LFG solution.

We designed a globe icon to convey Prometric’s international scope. The design was comprised of graphic shapes that could be used independently as design elements. This icon and its elemental shapes became the visual foundation of the Prometic brand and the cornerstone of a consistent graphic that tied together all marketing communications. 

We enhanced brand consistency further with a bright color palette, primary and secondary typefaces, a standardized look for charts, graphs and other brand graphics, and selection criteria for stock photography.

It all came together in a unified and sophisticated look that Prometric’s marketing staff and designers could deploy easily and consistently.