The situation.

The acquisition of Cristal in 2019 positioned Tronox as the world’s preeminent producer of titanium dioxide (TiO₂). TiO₂, a multi-million ton-per-year global product, is the brightest white pigment with the highest opacity of any commercial product, and is used to impart whiteness and opacity to paints, plastics, paper and in many other smaller applications. While it is a commodity product, buyers are always looking for the strongest opacity at the most competitive price.

Our history with the company dates back to 1994, when they traded under the name SCM Chemicals. Through acquisitions, name changes and management changes, we have remained a steady creative partner.

Conceptual development
Creative Direction
Print and digital design
Trade show Graphics design
Asset Management

The objective.

With operations around the word, it is critically important that the brand is understood and executed accurately throughout all of the company’s communications: sales, marketing and advertising, safety and sustainability and packaging. Regardless of language and country and purpose and use, consistency is key.

The assignment.

From environmental and sustainability reports to corporate brochure, ad campaigns, trade show displays and sales collateral, LFG Partners+ concepts, designs and produces materials, as well as maintains an asset library of imagery, product logos and packaging.

The results.

A client/agency partnership that has stood the test of time for decades.